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HormoneReplacement Therapy for Women
Do Women Need Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement (BHRT) is a vital way to support a woman’s well-being as she ages. Scientific evidence continues to verify the positive health effects of using bioidenticals. Proper BHRT provides support for cardiovascular and bone health. It can help in cutting the risk of diabetes, dementia and even breast cancer. The list of its protective effects goes on. In addition, BHRT consistently relieves the distressing symptoms of perimenopause and post-menopause.

Our goal is to help you age gracefully in wellness. We do this by restoring the beneficial hormonal balance of earlier years. Dr. Gino Tutera’s unique pellet implant system corrects hormone deficiency in 3 ways:

Replenishes your body 24/7 with hormones identical to those it once produced
Uses the precise physiological dosage your body is accustomed to
Delivers hormones in a manner that your body recognizes and flourishes with

Getting older does not have to mean the end of your sex life or the beginning of aging-related ailments.

With SottoPelle® you may find yourself saying what our other patients tell us repeatedly – I have my life back!

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In 1935, hormone pellet therapy was created in Europe to help alleviate the problems women experienced due to hormone production cessation or menopause. This modality was then brought to the United States in 1939 by Dr. R. B. Greenblatt. He introduced it to the Menopausal Clinic, where it is used today more than half a century after its introduction. Since then, Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in pellet form has been positively researched and accepted as the most effective delivery system available for men and women suffering from the side effects of menopause or andropause (male equivalent of menopause). When the body is in need of estrogen or testosterone, these tiny implants placed under the skin consistently release small physiologic doses of hormones providing optimal therapy. For decades, these positive research studies have been reported in respected medical journals around the world. SottoPelle® is paving the way for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy worldwide.

Hormone And Testosterone Therapy in Sierra Vista

Do You Recognize the Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency?
You Don't Have to Live With It!

Have Any of These Symptoms?

  • Can't Sleep
  • No Energy
  • Can't Focus or Concentrate
  • Loss of Sex Drive

  • Loss of Muscle Tone
  • Unexplained Weight Gain
  • Loss of Memory
  • Depressed
  • High Cholesterol

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

It is a common misconception that women are the only ones who need hormone replacement therapy as they age.

Many men are often led to believe by their physicians that feeling constantly tired, having the inability to gain muscle mass and lose fat, decreased libido and foggy thinking is all a part of growing older. Accepting these symptoms as a part of aging can negatively impact your ability to perform at work, relationship with friends and family and most importantly, how you enjoy your life.

You’d be amazed at how impactful hormones and hormone replacement therapy for men are to your well-being. And when they’re out of balance, so is everything else in your life.

Every man experiences a gradual decline in hormone production as he gets older. Beginning at age 30, his body starts to manufacture less and less testosterone, losing roughly one to three percent per year. Then, sometime between 40 and 55, testosterone levels drop dramatically and signal the onset of Andropause or Low Testosterone, the medical term for the male equivalent of menopause. After this happens, a man finds himself deficient in sexual desire, gaining weight, losing muscle mass and feeling unmotivated, depressed and moody. Most men who don’t have hormone replacement therapy believe they have to live with these symptoms as part of “normal aging”.  Nothing could be further from the truth! SottoPelle® hormone replacement therapy can help bring back your vitality.